UPDATE JAN 2022: I am a weekday trainer with limited availability.

Group classes aren’t always available when you need them, and groups aren’t the answer for every dog or dog owner. In some cases, you may need to schedule a private one-on-one training session to resolve specific issues with your dog. 

The approach I practice is the long-lasting one, the proven one: train the dog AND the human.  Whether its walking loose-leash, rolling over, or being able to enroll in that new nosework class -success comes in many forms for each unique dog client.

Initial 90-minute Dog Training Consult

All private dog training requires a 90-minute initial consult. Consults are $200 – $150 depending on travel time.

This initial consult reviews you dog’s history, identifies factors affecting your dog’s success and opens solid communication. A Training Plan is provided with every consult. Consults are the launchpad for your desired changes and often require some additional sessions to work on the specific skills in your training plan. Check for availability and schedule now.

Private At-Home Dog Training

Follow-up appointments are 60-minutes

Additional sessions cover building skills and practicing muscle memory for fixing the following behaviors: jumping, barking, counter-surfing, digging, pulling, and aggressive behaviors caused by fear and anxiety.

Follow-up sessions range from $130 – $110. Prices reflect travel distance and number of skills addressed.

These sessions are 60-minutes and occasional homework is expected.

Links to follow-up sessions are sent after the initial consult or on email request.