Training Dogs & Coaching People. 

The approach I practice is the long-lasting one, the proven one.  Train both the dog AND the handler.  Whether its walking loose-leash, rolling over, or laying quietly instead of barking -success comes in many forms for each unique client-dog team.

Dog Training can be broken down into a few key steps.

01. Identify Goals
How do you want your dog to behave in certain situations? Maybe you have a long-term goal for you dog, such as therapy or competition? How do you want your relationship with your dog to be?

02. Build a Custom Training Plan
Together, we develop a customized plan for your dog and you to meet your needs. You will be able to track your new habits and your dog’s response and success.

03. Create the Change
Change comes through new habits, both for you and your dog. Habits are a process requiring reminders and rewards to become routine. We’ll work together to help you clearly communicate with your dog by creating or changing habits. 

dog pulling on leash
Pulling a common problem. Over months and years, pulling puts strain on the physical structures in his neck. It also can cause injury and strain for the humans.
dog sitting with focus
With a communication system in place, the dog can start to engage with his owner and practice walking with focus. This is a critical stepping stone to walking loose-leash.

04. Success
Happy dogs thrive on clear communication.  Once you’ve gained new habits or changed old ones, you and your dog can do ANYTHING!