Professional Dog Trainer.

Autumn Manka of Steady Dog Training

Autumn has years of experience, education and practice, which are represented through professional dog training certifications, client testimonials and happier clients, both 2 and 4-legged. She draws upon her varied dog training experiences and continued education to positively work with multiple breeds and unique behavioral concerns dog owners experience.

Classes are affordable and address your unique dog training needs for your companion animal.

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Dogster Magazine Feb-Mar 2019 Cover
March 2019 issue
Dogster Magazine Feb-Mar 2019 Autumn Manka

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Animal Lover.

Autumn Manka as a child

Autumn has been working with animals since 1997, when she volunteered at Texas A&M’s Wildlife & Exotic Animal Center.

Autumn Manka in college

For the past 10-years, Autumn has been working with dogs and handlers to help each find their own individual successes. During that time, she graduated from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management’s Ground Search and Rescue College and was actively searching with her German Shepherd, K9 Cooper. She also spent years training around the New Bern Police Department’s K-9 Unit and completed the Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis, an internationally distinguished dog trainer with over 30-years experience in competitive dog sports.

Autumn Manka as SAR Handler