Bindi, an Australian Shepherd and Steady Dog Training Client.
Bindi, an Australian Shepherd

(Autumn)’s awesome! Friendly, positive feedback, adopts training to each dog! (She’s) on-time, no hurrying and encouraging!

Andrea (Bindi) December 2018

Autumn works well with the dogs and can spot behaviors/solutions for what my dogs needs.

Jamal (Ghost) February 2019

Dear Autumn, Thank you so much for all that you did to help with Molly! Words can’t really express our appreciation of your instruction adequately. We learned so much and we are actually building on the foundation you laid. Thank you!

-John & Diane (Molly) July 2017
Molly, a Portuguese Water Dog, commonly called 'Porties'
Molly, a Portuguese Water Dog

(Autumn) explains the reasoning behind why Pebbles acts the way she does. She has had more patience with Pebbles than any other trainer we have had.

Katie (Pebbles) December 2018
Gabby, a rescue dog and a Steady Dog Training Client.
Gabby, an unknown mix

I am so grateful for working with you to help my girls. We all have come so far because of you and our lives will forever be better for the experience.

-Gayle (Grace & Gabby) 2017

(Autumn) was very kind and patient with Einstein and appeared to understand and acknowledge his anxieties and sensitivities. She quickly established a good rapport with all of us and then helped us to better recognize Einstein’s needs and provided strategies to deal with them safely and effectively.

-Gretchen & Bill (Einstein) March 2017
Einstein, a Bichon mix & Steady Dog Training client
Einstein, a Bichon-mix