School has started and Fall is around with cooler nights and the promise more times outdoors. The summer heat and rainstorms are giving way to cooler, crisp nights and pumpkin- well pumpkin everything.

photo of Dog in the LeavesDogs LOVE Fall because comfortable temperatures mean longer walks and more time outdoors. And all those pumpkin patches and brightly colored mums – who can resist doggy-portraits?

Ticks also love Fall. With animals like mice and deer increasing activity in preparation for winter, ticks are also catching more rides about. Please keep up with your doggy’s flea and tick program. While Lyme Disease comes quickly to mind, there are several nasty tick-borne diseases that dogs can easily pick up.

I like to schedule my dogs’ annual heartworm and tick-borne testing in early winter. By testing in winter, I might catch any latent disease my dog may have picked up from a late-stage adult tick. Some diseases, like canine ehrlichiosis can sit dormant in your pup, and then cause crippling immune problems when they surface.

I watched a lovely doe graze on my backyard today, September 12th. And while I enjoy her grace and big doe-eyes, I also resent her little tick-passengers possibly dropping off in my yard. She reminded me that I needed to check the date on my dog’s collar, to ensure he’s protected. I hope you do the same as you head out with your pup and enjoy the coming months!